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‘Captain Clean did an excellent  job with my kitchen and bathroom tiles. I am very impressed and I would definitely recommend to my friends and keep using their services.’

Ericka, Bloomsbury

‘I am amazed by the quality of service and personal touches Captain Clean provides! Thank you for the professionalism and friendly attitude!’

 Angela, Hammersmith

‘It is great to see my flat sparkling when I come home! I know this is not easy, because I have two dogs and I would never be able to maintain such a level of hygiene, if it wasn’t for my devoted maid Christina!’

 Kelly, Mortlake

‘I appreciate your professionalism guys! You exceeded our expectations!’

William & Eileen, Highbury

‘It is so nice to come home after a long day at work and walk into a spotless house and feel the clean smell! You guys help me enjoy my free time, so you really are precious to me!’

Courtney, Barnes

‘I used Captain Cleans services last week and I was impressed! It was great to step into a clean and orderly home! I will be using your services in monthly basis from now on!’

Audrey, Kensington

‘Our maid Darina provides an excellent, friendly service and my children enjoy seeing her every week!’

Jana, West End

“Last time I used domestic cleaning services of a professional cleaning company, I was far from satisfied. But Captain Clean showed what professionalism means!’

Chelsea, Barnes

‘A friend of mine recommended me your services last week, because I needed a thorough cleaning of my flat and I would like to thank you for the great job and friendly service!’

Chris, West Brompton

‘Captain Clean, you did wonders with my oriental rug! I really thought it was already no good, but thanks to your great job, it looks great now!’

Amanda, Islington

‘I would like to express my gratitude to our kind and loyal housekeeper Nina for her great work!’

Caron, Westminster

‘Last week, I was about to change the damask of my armchairs, but luckily my husband convinced me to try with upholstery cleaning. captain Clean did a great job and now the furniture looks far from worn out and dull!’

Maggie, Islington

“We are happy to be using Captain Clean’s domestic cleaning services from quite some time now. We’d like to thank the company for sending the best housekeeper, who had ever worked for us – Anny!’

Lindsey, St John’s Wood

‘I’m really impressed by Captain Clean’s carpet cleaning technicians. You were able to remove a stain, which I thought would never go away!’

Caron, Westminster

‘We’d like to thank our housekeeper Nelly, for the cares and the wonderful job she is doing with our home!’

Kelly, Kilburn

“I’m very happy with Captain Clean’s domestic cleaning services. I’ve had some unpleasant experience with other cleaning companies, but this time I think I found my people!”

Lindsay, Highgate

“I just want to thank the wonderful window cleaners of Captain Clean! I used their services for my shop facade and the perfect work and friendly attitude earned me as a client.”

Greg, Barnes

“I had to move from Islington to Highbury and I used Captain Clean’s end of tenancy cleaning service. That really made things easier for me.  Their cleaners made my previous flat look as if nobody had ever lived in it. That’s why I decided to use them for my new home, too. Thank God, their services are available in Highbury, as well!”

Paul, Highbury

“Captain Clean take care for my carpets and I’m always amazed by the great results! I don’t know how you do it, but you really save me time and money, because my carpets look newer after you are done with them!”

John, Earl’s Court

“I had to urgently clean my house last weekend, because my family were coming to visit and my mother is really hard to satisfy when it comes to domestic duties. I called Captain Clean and they did a wonderful job! Thanks for the fast and friendly service!”

Caron, Knightsbridge

“My carpet was in a really dreadful condition. I had already given up on it. I was thinking about а new one, but fortunately a friend told me to give it a chance and booked your carpet cleaning services. I should say my carpet looks fresh and clean now, you literally gave it a new life!”

Jenifer, Kilburn

“I moved out from my lodging a week ago and I would like to thank Captain Clean for the great job they did! I booked their end of tenancy cleaning service, which made the whole process three times easier for me!”

Michael, Fulham

“I know rugs are delicate and hard to maintain, so I didn’t try to clean mine alone. I called Captain Clean and I’m very happy with the wonderful job they did!”

Stacy, Chiswick

“Three days ago I stained my wife’s favourite carpet with ink.  Thank God, I found you guys,  because you really saved my life. You removed it at a blow! I could say Captain Clean saved my marriage! ;)”

Edward, Southgate

“Are you fully satisfied with the domestic cleaning company, whose services you have been using lately? Well I am and I should say our housekeeper is the best I could wish for! Thank you for her Captain Clean!”

Jodie, Finchley

“I don’t know how I would manage without the help of Captain Clean! Since we booked their domestic cleaning service I really feel relieved and my home looks perfect!”

Jamie, Hampstead

“You guys are great! I booked Captain Clean last month for the first time and I’ve been using their domestic cleaning services every week since then!”

Lilly, Highgate

“I recommend Captain Clean, from the moment I saw what a god job they’d done at home! Not a detail was missed and they were very friendly, as well!”

Nina Brown

“I should say Captain Clean are an excellent cleaning company. After having some troubles with other Highbury companies, I booked their domestic cleaning service and this time I was satisfied with the result, besides they really don’t charge too expensive. I will book them again”

Linda Bell

“I had serious problems with my landlord, when I lived in my previous lodging in Chelsea. Fortunately, a friend recommended Captain Clean end of tenancy cleaning service and i didn’t have any trouble with that! Thank you guys!”

Vanessa Williams

“Captain Clean provided the best carpet cleaning services I’ve received in Chelsea. I was almost desperate and was thinking of buying a new carpet, but after Captain Clean did their job it looks like new again!”

Jane Silvers