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At Captain Clean we are loyal to our customers and observe all legal regulations. You have absolutely no reason to worry, because we use the personal information about you only to provide a better customer service.

Type Of Information And Purpose Of Collecting It

We may need certain information about you, in order to work properly and efficiently, in case you have requested more detail about our product, or if you have booked a service from our Web site. We will be able to adequately answer your questions and provide the service you need, given the data we require.
We will need you to fill some basic personal info, like your name, e-mail and address, in the booking and contact forms, available in our site. Once we have this customer contact information at our disposal, we will be able to not only provide high-quality service, but also inform you about our company, send promotional materials and content you might be interested in, taking into account your experience at our site. If you need us to stop mailing you, then you are free to opt-out of receiving more news and materials from us.

Are there any changes in our Web site, which we consider important, we might use your data to let you know. If we thing you should be aware of some new service, or special offer, we might as well contact you. In case you would not like to receive any news from us, please e-mail us, or contact us via post.
In Captain Clean Web site, there might be found links to other sites, whose privacy practices or the content, we are not responsible for. If you choose to provide personal information to them, Captain Clean can not protect your information. We might pass information to those sites, although we will not always do it. The only purpose of monitoring customer traffic patterns is to make our web site more useful and improve it.

Is Your Information Safe?

You can be sure your personal information is protected, as we store it not online, but only offline. We assure you our office server is not connected to the Internet and can be accessed by our staff only!

Do We Disclose The Information To Third Parties

As a matter of standard policy, you may be certain that we do not trade, sell or rent your personal information.  If this changes in future, it might happen without your knowledge, so if you wouldn’t like us to pass your data along to reliable third parties, request that we do not do so by e-mail. In case you provided more than one e-mail addresses for contact, message us from each.


To change information previously provided to us:

1. Send an mail to www.captainclean.co.uk

3. Call us on the following telephone number 020 7099 8715

Your Consent

If you use our site, then you consent to the collection of this information and the use of it by Captain Clean. If our privacy policy changes, we will post the changes here, on this page. Thus you will be perfectly aware of what information we need, how we collect it, do we disclose it to other parties.