What we can do for the home carpets and their longevity?

Hi. Carpet care is one of the main topics and tasks in the household keeping. Carpets and rugs usually are an expensive investment, a design accent and a place of meetings and sharing at home, so their condition has a significant influence on the whole domestic atmosphere.
In case we want to protect the fibres, it is necessary to avoid the long periods without washing them. It would be a good idea to observe the high-traffic zones where the foot dynamic is an intensive one. Be ready to clean those areas more frequently than you expect. When you notice mud, grime, particles, collect them, to eliminate their harmful spread all over the dwellings. Some of the housewives prefer to take a little bit time for vacuuming, for example, instead of seeing awful traces in the entire indoor space.
That is one of the secrets for clean and shine carpets, in my opinion: regular washing and routine care. You can choose to treat them with powdered products or with a foam of soft dish soap, for instance. Bubbles can absorb the heavy dirt, you know. Here are some more ideas:

In my view, the essential home rule would be no-shoes-indoors. That is a secure option for easy carpet maintaining and perfect cleanliness.