Carpet Cleaning

Captain Clean provides excellent carpet cleaning services in all London areas! We work seven days a week and you can contact us any time – 24 hours a day.

Our carpet cleaning technicians work with latest equipment and are specialists in the following carpet cleaning procedures:

  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Mattress cleaning

At a perfectly reasonable price you receive perfect end result and friendly attitude!

Save Money – Call Us!

Why you should call professional cleaning company? Because it saves you money from buying new carpets! Your carpet can look newer for longer time than you thing, it just needs a little help!

Carpet cleaning matters!

It is quite unpleasant when an incidental spill damages the new carpet, despite your efforts to remove the stain. Or you suddenly realize that your favourite carpet already looks dull and colourless, although you vacuum it thoroughly every day. These are problems which are very common, and not unexpected. After all, we put carpets to walk on them, not only for decoration.

It gives pleasure to the eye, to enter the room and step on a clean, soft carpet, chosen with good taste to match the furniture and the colour of the walls. But carpets also need special care, which you can not always provide by your selves.

Carpets are exposed to different sources if dirt, especially in the traffic areas. They get stuffed up with soil and filth from outside. It sticks to the textile fibers, so it is harder to remove it from there, than from hard flooring.

Why Book Us

We can remove obstinate and greasy stains and you will not guess the stain was before. But there are some not so visible enemies of your carpets, such as sand and dust. It is harmful for human’s health to breathe dusty air, because it might cause allergic reactions. The risk is especially high for people who suffer respiratory diseases, like asthma.

You can trust our highly skilled crew of professionals, to deal with any kind of grime and revive the brightness of your carpet. We do not work with toxic chemicals, the detergents we use are eco-friendly and harmless. With us your carpet is in good hands.

We provide affordable, high quality services, as well as friendly attitude. Our professional help saves you time and money. So when you are about to give up on your carpet, better call us. It is more reasonable to have us clean it for you, than buy a new one every time things look hopeless.

With us your carpet lives longer!

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Domestic Cleaning

Captain Clean provides high-standard domestic cleaning services in all London areas! We are available 24/7!

Our maids are fully vetted trained cleaning operatives, who have vast experience in the cleaning sphere. We care about our clients’ safety, so you can be sure their work is often extensively checked. Your home is in good hands!

At the most reasonable price, you receive the following domestic cleaning services:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Window cleaning
  • Ironing
  • Doing the laundry & the dishes
  • Other general domestic cleaning work

Captain Clean has three major principles:

  • High efficiency
  • Affordability
  • Loyalty

We Are Glad To Help

In today’s busy lifestyle, when everyone is rushing from place to place, chasing deadlines and trying to keep a household, it is nice to know that there is somebody to help. There is nothing more exhausting than coming home and starting to clean up the mess right away. Search no more for domestic cleaning services to satisfy your needs!

We offer you professional help with domestic cleaning, so that you can leave the chaos outside and enjoy your rest after a stressful work day.

On the other hand, hygiene is highly important and has to be maintained for a healthy environment at home. This is the place, where we should feel safe and calm, free and protected. But that is impossible, if we live in a dirty place, where chaos rules.

You could afford to enjoy your spare time in different ways, than working with the sponge and broom. No matter if you prefer to practice your hobby, spend a little time in the gym, or do something useful, it is great to actually have time for all those activities.

Sometimes everybody just needs to stay home with a nice book, or invite guests for dinner and that is unthinkable if everything is not sparkly clean.

If you need to get your house thoroughly cleaned, just contact us and let us take care of every grimy surface we see. Our energetic, friendly and well-trained employees will do their job diligently to meet your every requirement. You can be sure our cleaners are trustworthy and they will make your home look exactly the way you want. If you need us to pay special attention to a particular area they will not miss any detail.

Our domestic cleaning services are available in all London areas and are completely affordable as well. The best thing is we save you precious time.

Just let our professional maids, deal with the dirt and grime.

Turning your home into a nice clean place is what we do best!

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End Of Tenancy

If you are renting an accommodation in London, but you need to move out, you would probably also need to clean the place before you leave.  You most probably need professional end of tenancy cleaning services at good prices.

We realize that end of tenancy cleaning is a hard and unpleasant job and we are ready to help you at a fully affordable price. We assure you, that our team consists of hard working, well trained and equipped cleaners. They work with precision when it comes to detail and are highly organized, as well as trustworthy.

Our end of tenancy cleaning package includes:

  • washing and polishing all surfaces
  • cleaning all cupboards
  • cleaning of all sinks and taps
  • degreasing of wall tiles if necessary
  • cleaning all kitchen appliances inside and out
  • cleaning and polishing of the shower screen
  • cleaning and polishing of the bath, basin and taps
  • brushing and cleaning of the toilet
  • thorough dusting of all rooms
  • vacuum cleaning of all carpets after we move the furniture
  • mattresses are vacuum cleaned and treated against dust mites
  • thorough window cleaning
  • waste and rubbish removal.

*Please note that our End Of Tenancy Cleaning prices do not include carpet cleaning as it is charged separately.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning prices start from £80.00.

To find out more and to schedule your end of tenancy cleaning service please call 020 7099 8715 or click here.

You can be sure we know how to treat special surfaces and furnishing. Our cleaning operatives will take care even of the smallest spot. Dust, grime and all kind of dirt will be removed after we clean the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway and disinfect all floors, dust and polish furniture. Thorough vacuuming and window cleaning is in our list, too. Count on us to take care of the stairs, tiles, doors, carpets, cupboards, drawers and the kitchen appliances. We will come, armed with cleaning detergents and mops, steam clean machines and vacuum cleaners, to fight whatever dirt is standing in our way.

Rely on us to make your lodging look like new. We promise your landlord will be satisfied with our services, too as we also observe every legal procedure. We are available in all London areas and guarantee excellent results. The procedure takes between four and six hours.

Should you need to move in a new place, scrubbing the bathroom floor is not exactly the easiest and most pleasant thing to do. You could call us to deal with all the sweeping and washing professionally. This is necessary, because the place you sleep and spend your time in, should be disinfected and hygienic. It is hard to feel at home, if the lodging is not clean and comfortable.

Just contact Captain Clean to take care of all the unpleasant hard work, which accompanies moving in or out or moving in. We will be happy to provide you with our services, within the means of your pocket.

Our end of tenancy services are available in all London areas. Call now!Choose Captain Clean!

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High Quality

We have vast experience in the sphere and the ambition to keep on providing the best cleaning services in London!
Our cleaning operatives are highly-skilled young professionals, fully vetted and trained. They spare no effort when doing their job, because Captain Clean aims perfection! We put our clients’ convenience first, so be sure that any special requirement is taken into account and no detail is missed. We will put your home, or office in order at a blow! Dirty carpets and windows, stains and dust – nothing scares us!


Captain Clean observes all legal rules and safety regulations. We also work with environmentally friendly detergents and equipment only. Have no worry, but trust us with your home, or business site. We are reliable and loyal to our clients, which is the reason our circle of happy, satisfied customers constantly increases. The vast variety of our cleaning services meets everybody’s needs and requirements. we work in all areas of Greater London and all the adjacent counties, seven days a week(including bank holidays), 24 hours a day.


Our prices are set and you receive full value for your money!

Let us revise! Our services are better, because they stand:
  • efficient;
  • fast;
  • reliable;
  • affordable.

Bear in mind, that we offer short notice booking of our services. Call us, if you need us to arrive on the same/next day.

Choose professionalism, efficiency, loyalty and friendly customer service, with Captain Clean!

For more information, or to book our services call 020 7099 8715!